Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rant, and more book talk

First, a little rant: Why is it that when someone has been out of touch for a while, the first thing they want to do when they finally call is go on for 20 minutes about all the excuses they have for not calling? Giving me a list of things more important than calling me does not make for good conversation. I'm a big girl, I know that the world doesn't revolve around me (shhh don't tell my husband) and you've got your own life, so let's not make a big deal of it, shall we? If you feel bad, say you're sorry and let's move on. Besides, your crappy life doesn't compare with my current circumstances, so let's just not go there okay?

Oh, and no, this does not refer to the "friend" I had an argument with. She apparently could care less about me so that friendship is officially dead. I removed her kids pictures from my fridge this week. I tried, people, I tried.


Not much else to report. Saw Walk the Line. Love that Joaquin, although I thought the movie was a little on the slow side. Ellen Degeneres and Martha Stewart are doing fine in case you wanted to know. My knitting is progressing nicely (almost done Kirsten!). If I only had the energy to give myself a pedicure I'd be all set.

I've tried to motivate myself to start thinking about buying things for a new baby, but I just can't seem to do it. I know some people without referrals have whole nurseries done and complete wardrobes already, but I am just not ready for that yet. I think I may start with books. I am an avid reader, and some of my best childhood memories are going to the library with my mom. Jen has provided alot of inspiration. Karen too, and she reminded me of one of my favorites, "The Monster at the End of this Book"...Remember that one with Grover? DON'T TURN THE PAGE!! I know I read a ton, but I can't remember too many specific books from back then. I should do some browsing to find some of my favorites. And ask my Mom which ones I asked to read over and over.

Woo Hoo, a little project for me...let me go get started!


-Jenny said...

Pedicure would be hard! Go out and get one when you can!

Sorry about the friend thing. Isn't it soo exhausting.

With the baby stuff. I can't buy anything. Once China started to goto pot I stopped buying. Now, I am in the, I don't believe this one will happen either, so no shopping. I didn't want to do it all at once but I guess that is what it is going to be.

I even thought, books, I can buy books. But I can't get up for buying them! I wish I printed out the recommendations from Jen and Karen when they posted them!

Margaret said...

Do you remember Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day? I loved that one. And anything with Amelia Bedelia.

MAMB said...

As I mention to both Karen and Jen, the Monster at the End of This Book was one of my favorites! Books sounds like a good place to start. I'm also not in a place where I can start the nursery in earnest yet. Picked out a paint color but haven't bought paint. Haven't even cleared out all of the boxes yet.
Hope you are feeling better!

jeneflower said...

I hope you find some good books! Our room for Pineapple doesn't look remotely like a nursery.

Bezzie said...

I LOVE The Monster at the End Of This Book! I snapped up a copy when my son was 2 or so. Although I probably would have bought it for myself regardless!!
Books are a great way to start. Any Curious George and "Kat Kong" are a couple of my go-to kids' books. Oh and any of the Little Golden Books. I think they're re-releasing those now.

kirsten smith said...

oh yes, the monster at the end of this book is just the best! i still have my copy from when i was younger. i read it to my kids the other day and they were actually a little scared! it was very cute! you also need to have good night moon. and, we have some of the five little monkeys series. the kids love them!

no hurry on the socks. did i ever even get you their sizes? you're so awesome for doing this!

not sure what all was happening with you, but i am praying for you and wishing you the best.

ladylinoleum said...

I highly recommend Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini. My daughter and I drove holes through the pages of this book from reading it so much!

Books are a good place to start...

Chelsi said...

Books sound like a great starting point. Maybe that will ease you into thinking about decorating. You totally have to go at your own pace. I didn't think I'd want to do anything before a referral, but now I'm throwing caution to the wind and starting to clear out the room and thinking about paint colors, too. I figure what the h*ck. I'm tired of being scared of jinxing things, but that's just me... Anyhow, for books, I always loved Pat the Rabbit. Very simplistic but cute.

Sorry about your friend. People change so much over time, especially when their lives are on opposite sides of the tracks, so to speak. At least you gave it your best effort!

Hope you are feeling better!! I agree, you should go out and splurge on a pedicure. It's much better than doing one at home.

Chelsi said...

Just re-read my comment and realized the book title is Pat the Bunny :)