Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's TV time!

I came out of a building the other day and saw one of the Cavemen. He was being filmed standing in front of a statue reading a newspaper. For a commercial I guess.

Then I was watching Kitchen Nightmares and found that they were doing a restaurant that is like 2 miles from my house. I've never eaten there, but I might now that it's been redone.

Then I was on my way to happy hour when I passed a filming of 10 Years Younger. Saw the guy in the box but I didn't stop to guess how old he was. It was a pretty big crowd.

What's next? Maybe I'll run into George Clooney somewhere. Well, a girl can dream.

Speaking of television:

My favorite, The Office, has started. And while I'm thrilled that Pam and Jim are finally an item....I wish they would stop making such a big deal about it because you know that all that happiness is going to come to a huge horrible crashing end. I'm not sure if my heart can take it.

I've been sucked into Dancing with the week they should really vote off everyone except racecar guy and cheetah girl. The rest is just painful to watch. Wayne Newton is so creepy looking it gives me the willies. With the black hair, orange face and deer-in-the-headlights-I've-had-too-much-plastic-surgery expression, someone should just shoot him and put him out of his misery. The good news is that if you DVR it, you can watch that sucker in under 30 minutes.

And could you believe I haven't even watched Grey's yet....I better catch up on the web. Dont tell me what's going on!


Bezzie said...

It sounds bad, but I'm not sure how I feel about Pam and Jim hooking up. I kind of liked the sexual will they won't they tension!!!

And hon, you'll have to move to New Jersey if you want to run--literally!--into Georgie Boy.,,20058283,00.html

Bezzie said...
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Tricia said...

I agree about The Office! I haven't watched much in two weeks. Last night I got caught up on Desperate Housewives, but I still have two episodes of Greys and Peak Practice to work through this weekend.

And we purposely didn't watch Dancing with the Stars or the Biggest Loser because I just didn't want to get sucked in. Plus who has the time to watch so many 2-hour premieres?

Samantha said...

DVR must be the way to watch the reality shows. I can't handle them because the dragged out suspense just drives me crazy!

Lori said...

What did we ever do before DVR? I've gotten so used to it that now it feels like such a waste of time to watch it the normal way with commercials.
I've never seen the office, I hear it's good. The main guy is making a movie too which looks really funny!

Miss Scarlett said...

The premiere of Grey's was brilliant - and that's all I'm gonna say.

I haven't watched the Office yet because the time change puts it in direct competition with Grey's (which I solve by watching on the East Coast feed 3 hrs early) and my CSI. I don't miss CSI and it is like year 8 or something.

Soooo I have to download the Office still. But come on - they can't split them up. It will be good if their happiness just subsides to regular married coupledom - so it is there but it is not in your face (hope that doesn't sound insulting to married types! I don't mean it to be).

I did see a few minutes of Ryan giving out Blackberries to everyone...and Kelly asking what the state of their relationship was. :-)

Thank goodness for the web!

Sig said...

You have not watched Grey's yet?? Come one woman, go watch it, it's my favorite!!

Rachael said...

DVR all the way, baby! TiVo ROCKS.

Grey's is good so far this have to get caught up.

I loooved DWtS first 2 seasons, but it's too much of a time suck with all the shows/results shows/etc., but I still TiVo it just in case and I check in every now and then.

Andrea said...

Oh, how I miss Grey's...I need DVR. It's right in the middle of bathtime/bedtime so I don't get to see it. And really, I don't have an hour to watch it on the internet, either.

Have you seen Cavemen? What you saw was more exciting than the actual show, I promise you.

Rob, Dana, & Murphy said...

I can't stand watching anything unless it's on the DVR anymore. No patience!

Thanks for the hug. We aren't doing too bad. I guess by the third time we knew what to expect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe we'll run into
George Clooney together. I wish!

I hope the whole Jim-Pam thing doesn't crash & burn because I just love them. I kind of wish they hadn't gotten together just yet.