Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's raining and I have a head ache and...

Nothing going on with the adoption...we are waiting for official word from the orphanage about our paperwork. The review committee apparently meets twice a month, and we're not sure how the timing of the next meeting coincides with the arrival of our paperwork. We should hear in another week or so I would think.

We didn't buy a crib yet, but we are strongly leaning towards buying the Storkcraft crib I linked to in my last post. The frustrating part is that no one carries this line of cribs in stores. BRU, JCPenny and Walmart have them but you must order them sight unseen. Has anyone heard anything good or bad on these cribs? Epinions has two positive reviews but that's not much to go on.

The weekend was mostly drab and mom and I did brave outlet shopping on Friday. Not sure what we were thinking on a rainy Friday right before the kids go back to school. I got a few things, and I even braved the Carter's outlet. What adorable stuff, I can't wait to go back once we get the referral. I did buy one gender neutral outfit there that I couldn't resist. So our child now has at least ONE thing to wear. Assuming the size is good, I bought 9 mos size just to be safe.

Not much else to say. I was recently tagged by Wavybrains for a meme (How do you pronounce that? mem or meem or what?), so here goes:

7 Things I Want to Do without Dying of Embarrassment
Get a pedicure
Eat lunch alone in a restaurant
Go to my GYN
Sing Karaoke
Speak in front of a large group
Get on a scale
Try on clothes in a dressing room with no curtain or doors

7 Things I Cannot Do in the Summer
I can't think of one single thing for this. I do everything in the summer, it's my favorite time of year.

7 Things I Can Do which are Meaningless Unless you are still in Junior High
Make sucky noises by sticking my palms together
Make a whistling noise with my tounge curled into a tube
Whistle really loud with two fingers (great at concerts and sporting events though)
Make a cootie catcher (that folded paper fortune teller thingie)
Do "Miss Mary Mack" really fast (and other assorted hand games)
Fling a bottle cap by snapping it
Do Cat's Cradle with string

7 Things Which Attracted Me to My House
It looks like my childhood home, same layout
It is 16 houses away from my parents
It is 10 houses away from the water (the other direction)
It has a private beach & marina (very small, but still nice)
It has a property owner's association, so we know alot of our neighbors
big backyard
It was a foreclosure so we got to customize alot of it (at the expense of our checkbook and our sanity, but who asked about that)

7 Things I Say Most Often When I am Crying
It's not fair
You're missing my point
I can't take this anymore
I don't understand
This totally sucks

7 Children's Books I am Adding to My Own Collection
The Monster at the End of this Book
The Little Red Hen
Alexander and The horrible, terrible no good, very bad day
Guess how much I love you
Good night Moon
Curious George
Where the Wild Things Are
The Cat in the Hat

7 Children's Movies I Can Watch for the Bazillionth Time Without Wanting to Rip My Eyes from Their Sockets
Ice Age
Monsters, Inc
Wizard of Oz
Willie Wonka
Harry Potter
The Never Ending Story

Happy Humpday!


wavybrains said...

Feel better soon! Happy Humpday to you too :) Your house sounds lovely.

-Jenny said...

Well, I will say this. I was going to scold you for only buying 1 outfit but you can run out and buy the store up once you find out boy or girl. You definately want to buy specifics!

I hope you feel better, seriously only 2 more days in this week.

And I thought it was pronounced...Me Me.


Aimee said...

Meem, is what I always hear in my brain when I read it.

Hang in there--the waiting is the hardest part. It darn near killed me off, quite possibly the very hardest thing I have ever done, but it was so worth it now that we have our referral and are traveling in just over two weeks!

Maybe you could get the crib but make sure you check the return policies. If you order it through a store's website, often you can return it to the store without having to ship it or pay shipping for the return.

Kay/Hanazono said...

I always pronounce it meem. But my husband also says mem (as in the french word for "yourself" - meme).

Can't help with the crib situation, but keeping our fingers crossed that you hear from the orphanage very very soon. :)

MMrussianadoption said...

Did you check out the websites I mentioned on a past blog for recalls on the crib. If it is not recalled, you at least know it is safe. Sorry I cant help more. I like your book picks.

jeneflower said...

Oh my gosh- The Neverending Story was my favorite childhood movie of all time. I love to see that it is on your list. I think I am going to get all of those children books too. I am the little Red Hen.

I want your house. Or one just like it close to my parents!

MAMB said...

Did you notice I spelled Colombia correctly on my new blog roll? So damn proud of myself!

Jenni said...

I always thought it was pronounced "Mee Mee." Now I'm beginning to wonder though....

And I LOVE the Neverending Story! I recently bought the DVD and watched it with the kids. Vika really got into it. When Atreyu was trying to escape from the Gmork, she yelled (in Russian-accented English), "Run Atreyu! Run!" She was very concerned for him. :) Harry Potter is one of my all time favorites too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amy Lane said...

Hmmm...Ice Age would be on my list... but since I've seen many of these movies in two waves (Monster's Inc, for example...older kids saw it ad-infinitum, then cave troll saw it, and you know tiny sister is gonna love it) that I'm not sure I have any eyeballs left... fun meme...I hate filling them out but I can read other people's for days...

julianna said...

Well, hell!

I always pronounced it me me .

I would go with Kay's husband's pronunciation - he is brilliant.

I hope you have had a nice weekend.

Thinking of you,