Saturday, May 17, 2008



…did ya wonder where I’d gone off to? Is anyone still out there and/or do you even give a crap?

Well, I’m going to just go on the assumption that you do…

Everything’s fine over here – life just continues to roll on at lightning pace and I haven’t had a spare minute for blogging. I don’t even want to tell you how many blog feeds I have pending. I guess my absence is a good sign – I tend not to blog when life is good. And life IS good right now. Seamonkey is approaching two years old and this stage is so hysterically funny that I don’t like to give up a second of my time with him if I can help it. He continues to love music, including dancing and singing (I keep telling my husband that as long as he doesn’t start belting out show tunes and doing jazz hands, it's all good) and his two most favorite shows seem to be American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. He will sit mesmerized while they perform and then clap and cheer after every one. He will sing along to any song on the radio (so far he’s quite tone deaf, I hope that improves soon) but he’s particularly fond of “Take me out to the Ball Game” and “I love my Rooster”. I should put that on video for you to see – the cuteness is unbearable, truly. Other than that he’s completely normal – some days he won’t eat, other days he eats so much it make ME nauseous, occaisional dramatic tantrums and lately he’s starting this weird clingy thing. But no complaints.

Mother’s Day was okay. Am I allowed not to like Mother’s Day now or does that sound horribly ungrateful? I feel like I cherish my motherhood every single day, and the fact that I have to spend such an honorable day shuffling between by SILs house (who thinks she’s my son’s mother) and my mom’s (who usually thinks it’s “Spoiled Selfish Son Day”) just makes we want to scream. If I had my way, we’d spend a quiet day at home, where I’d do some reading, knitting and watching of bad movies. But alas, it was not to be. But know that throughout the day (perhaps between nibbles of high quality chocolate) I did say some small prayers of thanks for my beautiful son, and even bigger prayers for those who are still waiting for children of their own. That part makes me very sad.

Work is crazy. I have two new bosses, one I love, one I’m not sure of yet. I hate having to reprove yourself all over again, but what can you do.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment a lot lately, but please know that I do check in when I can, and I do send out good vibes to those I know need them.

Oh, on the adoption front…we haven’t really moved forward yet. I am still finalizing the agency we are going to use, but we should be starting soon. It’s going to be a looooong wait. There are like 6 Colombian couples doing this at the same time as us, and they automatically jump the line. I am strangely okay with that – I think I’ve learned my lesson that sometimes what you end up with is infinitely better than what you planned on, and it’s better just to let life take it’s course and ride the ride. I have plenty of alcohol and chocolate at the ready though, I know I won’t be this complacent for long.

But summer’s almost here! Wahoo!


Michelle Smiles said...

Glad all is well in your world! And yes you are allowed to not like mother's day - I probably wouldn't either if I had to run around. But living 500 miles from everyone we know makes it a quiet day where hubby dotes on me. :)

I think I would be slightly more okay with the waiting doing adoption the second time around - at least for awhile. My life is pretty full and happy with Sabrina I like to think I wouldn't get as crazy as I did the first time around. But that is easy for me to say since I'm not in the middle of doing.

Would love to follow you private.
michelletoot at yahoo dot com

Jenny and Matt said...

My only request for Mother's Day was for it to NOT be hectic. Running around like crazy kind of takes the special out of it, for me.

I'd like to keep reading!

whoo_yeah at hotmail dot com

Rachael said...

On Mother's Day, I posted a "regular" blog post. Then, I noticed that EVERY SINGLE other post (that I eventually got to read) in my bloglines was about mother's day that day. Then I felt guilty. But you know, I too hate that just because something is declared a holiday by the powers that be, we have to drop everything. I'm grateful for being a mother every day, and mother's day is no exception (except I'm not opposed to presents! :))

Glad to know you're OK...I was starting to worry. But now I know, NO BLOGGING = EVERYTHING IS SWELL, which is not a win-win for your readers, you know! ;>

You have my email...please keep me in the know once you go underground!

And, go for you that you're okay with the pace on #2. It sounds like you're in a good place.

MMrussianadoption said...

you can include me too. when are you free in June? we still need to get togehter.

adascandlelight at yahoo dot com

Rhett said...

oh - dont close us out... i enjoy your blog!
dontthinkanddrive dot blogspot dot com and my email is rgdemark at gmail dot com


Tami said...

I'm still here and reading. I'd love to keep following along when you go private...

sixsunflowerseeds dot blogspot dot com (Formerly findingmaddie)

Bezzie said...

I realized I don't know your email so I'll do whateveryone else is doing--leaving their email addresses--rkbezzie @ gmail . com.

Mother's day was meh. I did post about it, but only because those little school art projects are so cute.

Sharon said...

Hey, send me your password!!

I'm not a huge fan of mother's day, either. It feels so contrived. Plus, like you pointed out, it ends up being more about driving around and visiting and you end up more exhausted than anything. This year, we played it low-key and went to my mom's for lunch, then we came back home, put Monkey to bed early, and A and I snuggled on the couch and watched a movie while I knitted. Much better way to spend a Sunday, if you ask me.

Welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you.

Christine said...

I'd love to follow you to your new blog. We're starting our Colombian journey soon!

clbodden (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jenn said...

I am so glad to read your still having so much fun and the laughs are coming at you a mile a minute with the little one!! :)
also of course I want to be able to still come in and read what you guys have been up too. :) tiggerjenn at gmail dot com thank you!!
Now bring on summer, lots of sunshine laughs and good news!!

Trace said...

Include me( My email is tracyruthatyahoodotcom.

Shaken Mama said...

We need a video of your musical child!

Anne said...

I'd love to keep following your blog! My email is:
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Tricia said...

I'm still checking in on you!

Sign me up
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Vacant Uterus said...

Hey! Take me with you!

Glad you are still alive and well. :-)

Miss Scarlett said...

Excellent - I would love to follow you over.

Miss Scarlett @

sadly - I couldn't locate your e-mail address here...

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to follow your blog too.

Cathy from Australia

Ani said...

would love to follow your blog
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Lauren said...

I would love an invite to still be able to check in. is my email. And from this you can see my blog.

I don't particularily enjoy Mother's Day either since I rarely get to do what I want. We are always going to my SIL house also.

Amy said...

Ack - glad I found a quick moment to read up on your blog!
Please add me - I'd love to stay connected.

Jen & Marshall said...

Hey Starfish,

Would love an invite when it is time to go

And, I feel the SAME way about Mother's Day - even after everything I've been through to become a mom! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Anyways, thanks for the update. Glad things are good on your end.


Mike & Lisa said...

Hi starfish,
I love reading your blog, and I would love to continue to read it, if you don't mind! I enjoy your whitty comments...very refreshing.
My blog is and my email is


Summer said...

So good to hear that things are going well!

I'd love to continue reading.

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Jenny said...

I want in please....

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beagle said...

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Fioleta said...

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Lori said...

I never liked mothers day either much, just another day to have to buy cards and gifts. It didn't help much that I didn't get a card or a gift myself on my first mothers day! Apparently my husband isn't a fan either. Which is great for me come fathers day, I don't have to worry about a thing. I'm just going to let him have 24 hours of 1 on 1 bonding time with his son.

Anyway, here's my email address costa (dot) lori (at) gmail (dot) com I want to keep reading.

Anonymous said...

IMO, my perfect Mother's Day involves no kids. Heh heh. That sounds really bad, doesn't it? My best Moms Days have been spent at the mall or the bookstore, ALONE.

Anyway, here's my email: delsandeen(a)
Blog: cozy's place

Ruth's Place said...

Glad all is well with you. I want to keep following along too.



mama k said...

I gotta keep tabs on ya!

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Mama said...

I want to come, too.
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R&T said...

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Many thanks and best wishes!

Traci said...

Please add me to your list! I'm an A-mom to a fantastic 6-month old boy. I've been following your blog for what seems like a few years now - I'd love to continue.

btpashley at msn dot com.

Thanks! Traci

Denise :o) said...

I want in too!! dgodwin77 at frontiernet dot net.

I'm thinking of doing the same... not that I even update that often anymore! ;o)

Barely Sane said...

I want to follow!

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Just started reading your blog. Love it, love it!!! Please keep me on the list.

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Mami Yaya said...

i enjoyed reading this blog and following your adoption journey.

so i never sent you an email to be invited to your new blog. i think we exchanged a couple of emails way back when.

we have two kiddos from colombia and are crazily in the process for a sibling group.

i was wonder if you went for a second adoption. if you don't mind sharing your new blog with me.

i'm setting up a new blog but it is crazily ugly for now. i'll share it in a couple of days.

yayacuco at cox dot net