Friday, November 24, 2006

I survived Black Friday and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Somebody stop me. I think I have purchased every blue piece of baby clothing in the tri-state area. I went through Carter's, Baby Gap, Old Navy and The Children's Place like the Tasmanial Devil. Must. Buy. More. Onesies. I got some really killer bargains not to mention some really adorable things. Here is the loot, and some of my favorites:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The prince onesie has some significance. You see my family already has one prince. Actually I should say HAD one prince. My brother is the apple of everyone's eye, and while it's true that he is nice looking, funny, successful and kindhearted, well, he is my brother, worse yet my younger brother, and if anyone out there has one of those - well, you know. So the day we found out about our little boy, I told my brother he's been dethroned. He must give up the crown. We will not have a christening, we will have a coronation. Therefore, when I saw this at the store, I had to have it. BTW, the next day my brother informs me that he's been promoted. Promoted? Yes, he said, I am the KING now. Ah, I see.

So I am mostly recovered from our day today. I could barely sleep (that face! those cheeks! a son!) so no sooner did I start to doze at about 12:30...the alarm went off at 3:15. We arrived at 5:30 am and the place was mobbed. Energized by new baby adrenaline, I wasn't too cranky. My companions, K and her sister however, made up for it. Yikes people..drink your coffee and suck it up. I didn't get everything Iw as looking for, but having K there to help me with sizing and styles was invaluable. I took advantage of her delirious sleep deprived state to get her to agree to register with me on Sunday.

I got home at about 11:30 and started making phone calls to get some questions answered. At this point, the only concern is getting our visas in time. I need to find out if the orphanage would be okay with us leaving maybe on Thursday instead, and if the consulate thinks they could turn the visas around in 2-3 days. We did put a flight on hold for Wednesday just in case we do get them quickly. We may also need to get our medical forms updated, but let's not think about that one just yet, okay?. Hubby did a great job today doing some other stuff - buying a camcorder, gifts for the orphanage staff and a kinko's run. Poor guy feels like crap...he has a nasty cough that he is trying desparately to get over before we leave. The doctor says he just needs to drink liquids and rest, but there is no time for that!!

I did crash and burn at about 5:00 though. I tried to sleep when I got home but the phone kept ringing. I got up and decided to start calling the airlines, snapping my husband's head off in the process. Then, the people I had made plans with for dinner totally bailed on me, and I got really pissed. Here I am going through this crazy whirlwind, and I still made time to see them, and they couldn't be bothered. Normally I would rant about this for a bit and get over it. Today I decided that the better way to deal was to sob uncontrollably for a half hour. A little teensy bit overwhelmed and overtired? Ya think? I took a hot shower (so long my palms were pruney), had some soup and a grilled cheese (thanks honey), put on pjs and watched reruns of Entourage. All better now.

Can't wait to continue the retail therapy tomorrow - rumor has it there's some fishy bedding at Baby Style with my name on it.


bethee said...


I'm so excited for you! I loved that last minute mad dash for retail-therapy. Enjoy it!!

-Jenny said...

BABYSYTLE....MY FAV!!!! I love the fishy bedding!!! I have my bedding from there. Try to resist the adorableness.

Anyway, good purchases. And I totally understand you frustration. I felt like a teenager going through the post referral days. My mood was swinging violently.

Get a carseat, highchair, sheets, bedding, (oh the sheets at babystyle are nice). And get those visas! Oh and bottles.

This is soo exciting. Name yet?

take care-J

Kay/Hanazono said...

This is definitely the good kind of exhaustion! Have fun on round 2 today -- and congratulations again!! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Have fun shopping! You'll have to post a pic of that bedding.
Don't stress over getting EVERYTHING. You'll be fine with the basics (clothes, carseat, diapers, bed, bottles) and can get the other stuff when you have time.


Laura said...

Shopping is the best part! You are so lucky to have Baby Style store. We don't have one, so we have to order online.
Super cute bedding choice.

jeneflower said...

It is so true the WAIT....WAIT... WAIT.....WAIT.................................WAIT..................................WAIT......and then the RUSH! RUSH! RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so exciting when it is finally your turn! Only a few more days!!

MAMB said...

It's all so exciting! And the first of several sleepless nights and mini-meltdowns. Have a great time with the shopping - the cuteness is overwhelming!

Jenny and Matt said...

Ready....Set.....GO!!! You're going to be a Mom in merely days Hurry Hurry Rush Rush Rush to get everything you need....... AUGH!!!!!!!!!!
What a crazy, exciting, overwhelming, zany time.
I am so happy for you guys

allegra918 said...

Such cute clothing for your SON! Can't wait to see the damage you make today!

Elle said...

Oh the stuff is priceless!!! Love the hat!!! The boy has one like it and I want to put it on him all the time just because it makes me laugh.

Get a car seat, diapers, and bottles. Everything else is extra. He can sleep in the bed with you if you don't have the crib yet. Don't worry.

Carrie said...

Love the clothes! You sound so busy and so happy. A son! Congratulations!!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh that little Prince onesie! I love the blue hat - that is one of my favourite baby styles!
Oh - take care of yourself - you are experiencing so much right now. And sleep deprived to boot!
Everything is going to work out just fine and this time next week you will be holding your son watching him sleep, reveling in his warm little body in your arms.
Stop. Breathe when you can. Visualize your little prince.
This too shall pass!

MMrussianadoption said...

I went to the outlets too! I will post my pictures tomorrow. These are the first clothes I got for him and we got the call in Oct. I guess this time of year just gets people in the mood to shop.

del said...

Just got back in town & saw your WONDERFUL news! I am SO HAPPY for you. And right before Thanksgiving, how perfect?? I can't wait to see pics--I hope you all have a great trip. Congrats, Mommy!!

Barely Sane said...

Love the story of the Prince. Like your brother's reply!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw over at Mama K's that your baby boy is coming home soon! Praying for all the best for you and your son, and a wonderful Christmas for you all!!
Just tearing up reading some of your old posts!!

Lauri said...

Holy Cow....congrats on your referral.... Im so behind on my blog reading

Have fun shopping

welcome to the mommy club...

Roxie said...

Love the Prince onesie! too cute!

Take your vitamins. Get some Zicam nasal swabs and use them at the very first HINT of a cold! It greatly reduces the length and severity of an attack. You might be able to avert it altogether.(Some airlines won't let you fly if you are visibly ill.)

You are in my prayers for safe trips and speedy paperwork processing and cheerful, helpful people all along the way.

Beagle said...

Your excitement is palpable and catching! (Not to mention warranted!!!)

I love the hat and the sneaks!

Andrea said...

Man, I got to do me some SHOPPING to catch up with you :) I've only bought ONE thing, and that's a Mei Tai. I am skeer'd to go into Children's Place- I hear that's like crack for parents. Super cute stuff, though!

Stacey, Mike & Adrianna David said...

Sounds like you had a great "black-Friday". Things are great here. Hope we can hook up when you guys and the "little Prince" get settled. I'll be here through next week. I expect a knitting lesson!


Denise :o) said...

What great news to come home too!! I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you had a great time shopping. I am still buying everything in site. It's a horrible addiction, but sooooo much fun, isn't it??? Enjoy every second of it!

Anonymous said...

You're so coherent--I survived Black Friday, but I couldn't tell you exactly what the kids are getting...about Dec. 23, Mate and I put all the piles on the bed, and if anyone looks like they're getting shafted, we open another vein, I mean credit card, and go tromping out into the rain for some more loot... (Boy stuff looks better when you're having a boy...can't explain it, it just does.)

Ruth said...

Love the hat and the bib - it is all about him. How exciting!

Julie said...

Gorgeous stuff :) I was a raving witch in the days leading up to meeting my boy, too...being emotional is par for the course.

By the way, I posted the announcement text you wanted :)

Ani said...

OMG - I'm just catching up with my blogs and WOW WHAT AMAZING NEWS!

I am so happy for you and your family. What a great Thanksgiving for you guys.

My 2 cents on the car seat - we have a Britax Marathon, we love it and the kid loves it. Its safe, easy to install, covers easy to wash, pretty much perfect.
In the beginning, when he was under 20 lbs we had a travel system infant carrier from Graco. Easier to move around, but if you are going to invest in 1 car seat -go with the long term Britax option.

I love all the loot - enjoy every moment!