Friday, January 19, 2007

Some Random Things

Would all of you do me a favor?

Could you please remove my real first name from your blog links? Many of you link to me with my first name. When referring to me, either on your blog or in my comments, please don't use real names! Please use the "Starfish" name. Also, I won't be using the boy's real name any more either. Since I frequently call him "Monkey" at home, I'll now refer to him as Seamonkey. My husband will be Big Tuna (yes, a nod to my other love, Jim Halpert).

Nothing happened, I just would feel more comfortable if I was a little less obvious.

Did I tell you that The Fish had her baby? When I saw his full name, I realized that it is something you want to say with your teeth clenched, your lower jaw thrust out while wearing plaid pants at a polo match (think Thurston Howell the Third). It was bad enough that she sent an email out to all the executives when he was born. Worse yet when she sent pictures. But the icing on the cake was when she brought him in yesterday, in the rain/snow at only 5 weeks old. This is me rolling my eyes. I would never presume that people want to goo and gah over my new son. He is a big deal to me right now, but to my co-workers, not so much, and I get that. I'm not the only person on the planet who's ever had a baby. And I don't need to shove him down the throats of the Good Old Boys who run this place. Makes you look like a silly woman. Save the squeaky voices for when you're with your own family and friends. So I didn't get to see him (oh well), but I was told he was dragged around "like a sack of flour" while he cried the whole time. Wow, that sounds pretty heartless of me, huh?


Nothing new to report...trying to get through the day so I can spend two whole days gooing and gahing over my boy. Have a great weekend everyone. I leave you with a book meme; I've been tagged by Julie.

1) Find the nearest book
2) Open to page 123
3) Type lines 6-8 of said book
4) Tag three others

That wakes her up most of the way, because it scares her. What is he
Saying? That he wants to break up?
"Scott?" She fumbles on the floor, comes up with her Timex, squints

Stephen K1ng, "L1sey's Story". Play along if you'd like.

Starfish Out.


KimN said...

Oh man, you love Jim too! Now I like you even more. I have to stop myself from declaring his hotness out loud so as not to offend the husband.

No problem on the favor.

del said...

That's my next book to read, funny! Awwwww, Fish had her baby, lucky her (said with pouty lips & fluttery eyelashes). I would love to hear that name, apparently!

about "The Office": when Karen asked Jim last night if he still had feelings for Pam & he took forever to answer "yes" & I was like "yessssss" my DH was like, "what? I like Karen." I was like "SHUT UP!" That's like blasphemy to my ears! It must be Jim & Pam, dear, doesn't he know that??? LOL!

BlogWhore said...

I worried about the names & what not, too.

I removed ours, only to start posting professionally on-line. The cat was outta the bag.

MAMB said...

I'll fix your name in my links.

And I just finished Lisey's Story. Not one of my favs from King but okay.

mama k said...

Big Tuna? ahahaha!

My DH liked Karen too, but I just think he thought she was hot. I gotta say, I'm feeling sorry for her since she had no idea she was the rebound.

meena said...

Hi! I just happened to come across your blog and I love the picture of the beach you have at the top. I started reading and you are so funny. I also love your 100 things about you. So many of them I can relate to. I have not adopted yet but will be in June or so. Thanks for the amusing reads.


Bumble said...

Hey Starfish, thanks for the comment over at my place, I think you were my first! (aw sweet). Hooray for The Fish (not), that poor little child!
Hope you're all settled now with your lovely little guy. Are you still reading the Diana Gabaldon book by the way? I'm struggling with mine, on page 343 and so far but not much has happened, is it always like this? But I can't just put a book down, I have to finish it. Still 800 odd pages to go though!

kirsten smith said...

so my husband likes karen too. what's wrong with these men?

i have stuggled with the posting of our kids real names too, but after reading this post, i am certain i shouldn't do it. thank you!!