Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

I can't believe it's been a whole year.

This time last year I decided to blog because we were officially starting the adoption process. Our lives had finally taken a positive turn, and there was hope for a family on the horizon. We were still undergoing infertility treatments, but somehow in our hearts we knew adoption was how we would finally realize our dream. Boy did we ever hit the jackpot. Seamonkey is all we dreamed of and more.

Jill was the first person to comment on my brand spanking new blog. She said: "congrats - we are also in the beginning steps - just did my I600A last week... looking forward to going on our journeys together!" And I'm happy to say we did just that - both of us did eventually get the elusive I600A, are now home with our beautiful new baby boys. We still keep in touch and I suppose we'll need each other's support more than ever now!. Perhaps some day we'll be able to do a play date, girl. You know, the kind where you and me go have a drink downtown and leave the kids with their dads? Yeah, that kind!

Blogging has been such a wonderful outlet for me. As I know it is with many of you, it is a way for me to process my thoughts...to vent to people who really understand me. It is amazing to get support from people who you've never met. Sometimes just getting a response or two telling me I'm not nuts was enough to get me through a particularly bad day. I thank you all for that...from those of you who have read this blog from the beginning, to the occaisonal commenters who chimed in when they had something useful to say, to the diehard lurkers - who even though I could never coerce them to comment, kept my stats up which encouraged me to keep posting.

So in honor of my blogiversary and of the support of cyber strangers everywhere, let's try a little something different, kay? Wanna?

Go right now and find another adoption or infertility blog out there that you've never read before (and preferably not one already on my blogroll). Easy enough to do, just do a little link hopping...click on a blog from my blogroll (over there on the sidebar ---- >) then click on a blog from their blogroll, then a blog from their blogroll, and so on and so on...keep going until you get at least six degrees of separation or so (I'm channeling Kevin Bacon here). Post the link in my comments and I'll update this entry with a list of some new blogs for us all to check out. Try to choose a blog you wouldn't normally gravitate to (like a different country/program) so we get some good diversity in the list.

If you'd like to have an alcoholic beverage to celebrate, I'll leave that up to you. But if you really want to honor me, make it cold and put alot of vodka in it

So leave a link, say hello, and if you want to say something nice about me and my blog, well that would be just fine too. Make me feel good and let's see how long we can make this list. And you lurkers - let's hear from you too, huh?

Here's what we've got so far! Give these bloggers a visit, and spread the support and bloggy love!!

Worth the Wait
The Chambers Adoption Process
Building a Family
Waiting for Sprout
A Dad’s Journey through International Adoption
Born in our hearts
Voice of the Voiceless
Karen Road Chronicles
Waiting for Brody

Mei Mei Journal
My Diary of Triplet Fatherhood
Waiting for Sophie
Anti-racist Parent
Olive You
Perky’s Perspective
Guatemalan Sisters
Two Moms Adopting


ruth said...

Congrats on a whole year of blogging.

I lurk at this blog. I think I might have commented once. Not in the adoption process (yet) I feel a bit awkward commenting on adoption blogs, except yours, 'cause I know you...

chou-chou said...

Yay!! Congratulations! Yours was one of the first blogs I began regularly reading, and when I had just started mine, you were kind enought to come and check it out - an early adopter. :-)

Love your idea for checking out a new blog. Here's mine - http://suziepetunia.blogspot.com/

Brand new to me, so haven't read more than the two last two entries, but anyone who can use the phrase "post-hawaiian-vacation explosion of paint in the guest bathroom" is my kind of girl.

chou-chou said...

Ooops. Just realized that the blog I just gave you is NOT an adoption or infertility blog... my bad.

Here's another new one to me that looks good, and it *is* about adoption:


Beagle said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Here's a link I foun via about 8 degrees of separation!

Great idea!


Jenni said...

Happy blogiversary Starfish! It has been wonderful following you through your journey this past year, and even more amazing to see the wonderful little Seamonkey you brought home! His happy grin makes me smile every time.

The blog I visited was: http://buildafamily.blogspot.com/.

I've been interested in African adoption too, so it is nice to be able to check out another family's journey.

Carrie said...

1 year! Isn't it amazing how times flys?

Here's a blog a ran across today by following a link from a blog I frequent and then following a link from there. http://www.kelliinportland.blogspot.com/

Barely Sane said...

Okay... I'll go find a new blog. I had a new commenter on mine just today actually!

In the mean time, I'm going to honor you BIG TIME later tonight and have a cran-tini. I promise to put in LOTS of Vodka!

mama k said...

A very merry blogversary to you!

MAMB said...

Happy Blogversary! I'm about a month away from mine.

I found a dad's blog about a Russian adoption:

kris said...

I'm a year late but so glad to have found you and am enjoying your blog - now back to reading!
And congrats on one year of typing away!

meena said...

Happy Anniversary! It's always interesting to read what is new with you. I found this blog through 6 degrees of separation. It's about a domestic adoption and one from an interruption.


Lauri said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Tricia said...

Has it been a year already? Wowee, time sure flies when you are doing mucho paperwork!

Please bring back the "I love Jim" posts!!!

Andrea said...


Dawn has an amazing way with words- reminds me of you, Starfish. Well, maybe a little less snark...ha ha :)

Anonymous said...


Rhonda said...

Thanks for the link! I love the idea of sharing new sites. I am going to check out a few on this list...

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