Monday, March 12, 2007

The Not so Lame List

Here is the final list of blog links! Thanks for participating, and sorry I had to resort to name calling, but hey, sometimes ya gotta do whatya gotta do. Remember this was all about supporting each other, so be sure to take some time and check out these great blogs. I've tried to include a little description to guide you; forgive me blog authors if I've got it wrong, sometimes it's hard to figure out.

Worth the Wait (Home with 2 from Russia)
B-Happy (Journey to #3, this time in Ethiopia)
The Chambers Adoption Process (Working on a domestic adoption)
Building a Family (Journey to Ethiopia)
Waiting for Sprout (Journey to China)
A Dad’s Journey through International Adoption (Journey to Russia)
Born in our hearts (Home with one from Russia, one Domestic)
Voice of the Voiceless(Journey to Russia)
Waiting for Brody (Journey to Guatemala)
Mei Mei Journal (Home from China)
My Diary of Triplet Fatherhood (Bio Triplets)
Waiting for Sophie (Home from China, Journey to Guatemala)
Anti-racist Parent (Joint blog)
Olive You (Journey to Russia)
Perky’s Perspective (Home with 2 from Russia)
Guatemalan Sisters (Home with 2 from Guatemala)
Two Moms Adopting (Home with one Domestic)
Family Found (Home with one from Ethiopa)
Praying them Home (3 bio, journey to Guatemala and Haiti)
2 more to love (2 bio, 2 twins from Vietnam)
“For I know the plans….” (Journey to Colombia)
Metrodad (1 bio)
Snips, Snails & Pigtails (3 bio, 1 domestic)
Looking for Grace( 4 bio, 1 on the way from Russia)
Karen Road Chronicles (2 bio)

And speaking of great blogs, I'm a big fan of Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters these days. What a great resource and support community for infertiles of every circumstance (still trying, adoptive parents, child free). I've decided to join the Barren Bitches Book Brigade this go round, so look for my opinion on "The Time Traveler's Wife" in the coming weeks.

Off to sleep - this DST bullshit really screwed me up. People, I NEED my sleep. Between the loss of my precious much needed additional hour and the fact that my Microsoft Outlook Calendar has half of my meetings scheduled at the wrong time, I'm about to lose my mind. Only half though, so I don't really know for sure which ones are wrong. Seems like I just wander from conference room to conference room saying "are we meeting? now? oh ok, I'll come back". Stupid government. Stupid Microsoft. Stupid meetings.

*sigh* and it's only Monday.


ruth said...

Oh, man, more blogs to add to my reading list... This was a great idea.

The Town Criers said...

Thanks for the shout out! I've been trying to do this--find one six degrees away that I didn't know about. And it's hard. I got two away and then I'd know everything on the list. That's what you get for having an enormous blogroll. But I tried! I want it quoted that I tried :-)

jeneflower said...

It is amazing how the blogger adoption world has grown!

Barely Sane said...

Wow... that is quite the list! I have a lot of reading to do - unless of course I choose sleep. I too am missing that extra hour!

Wendy said...

I can't believe I missed the boat on this one completely! See what happens when work interferes with my fun. Is it too late? Our blog is We have 3 bio kiddos and 2 Guatemalan babies on the way. Thanks!

Andrea said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that book. I've read it four times. And I am not the type of person to re-read books. I cry every single time I read it. LOVE it.

Thanks for the updated list! Now I have some blog-surfing to do!

Hee hee, no DST in AZ. Can I tell you how much I LOVE that?? :)

Amy said...

Thanks for mentioning us. We're looking forward to some new comments!
Love your blog!

Rob, Dana, & Billy said...

I must be losing it! I thought I said "thanks" for this but now I don't see it. Hmmm....

Anyway, "thanks"! For the shout out and for all the info. I remember the joy I felt for you when you got your referral. And I LOVE his name. It's a good German name! Even though is Colombian! :)