Monday, March 19, 2007

You can’t make this stuff up

Its been an interesting few weeks here in starfish world. I thought I would document two of the more interesting happenings:

One evening, I left work at my usual time. I took my usual subway train to my usual stop. I proceeded to the usual track, and got on my usual train, three minutes before it’s due to leave at 6:07pm, and sat in my usual seat. I pulled out some knitting and settled into the blind oblivion that is my usual commute home. About 20 minutes later, after pulling out of another stop along the way, I hear the tail end of the automated conductor announcement say “…..the next stop is X Town”. Uh….hold on here. X Town is not on my train line. I look around, and no one else seems to be panicking. I look out the window…hmmm…this doesn’t look familiar. We pull into the next station, and the robotic voice says “This is the train to Yville. The next stop is “Zfield”. OH CRAP. I got on the wrong. freaking. train. Damn track changes. Gather up knitting and make way to the door. I am going to need to get off this eastbound train and take another train back west to the Hub Station so I can get on the right train. Hmmm…some of these stops are really small stations, there might not be a train going back west for some time. Hmmm…which stop to get off? The further east I go the longer it will take me to go back west. Hmmm. Crap. Okay, I’ll get off here.

Hmmm. This station appears to be right in the middle of a residential area. Let’s make our way over to the schedule board. Okay, it’s 6:39 now. The next train back west is….no. Please no. 7:25??? WTF!!!! Okay. Keep it together. Don’t cry. Oh SHIT. I left my blackberry home today in it’s charger. Can’t call home to tell them I’ll be late. Let’s try this pay phone. Doesn’t work. GREAT. Walk all over, up and around and can’t find another pay phone. See a cop car. Excuse me officers, can you tell me if there is a payphone around here? No? Gee thanks, sorry to have disturbed you sitting around BULLSHITTING. Go back up to platform. Sit down. Cry. Knit until the cold makes my fingers numb and it’s too dark to see. Board the 7:25 and get to Hub Station. Go to pay phone. Doesn’t work. *sigh*. Go upstairs and see two payphones. One is occupied. Second doesn’t work. *SIGH* Stand too close to person on occupied phone until he freaks out and gets off. Dial tone. Praise the Lord. Insert two quarters. Hear “50 cents please” Hit coin return with no luck. Operator comes on to tell me I owe 50 cents. I tell her I did. She starts to tell me to call the 1800 number. Completely lose my shit and scream into pay phone using words like “bullshit” and “second freaking time” and “1800 my ass”. Get connected to husband and tell him I’ll be late. Get on correct train and eventually get home. At 9:00pm

I am trying to hire a Director for my department. I came across an interesting resume from someone who worked at another company in my industry, who, if not for their very small size, would be considered a competitor. His experience was somewhat related to the position, but he deals more with outside relationships rather than inside, which is what this job requires. I figured maybe he wanted a change or something, so I asked him to come in for an interview. I started out as I usually do, explaining who I am, where this position fits in, and my expectations. This candidate, who I’ll call Joe (because he looked like an ex-boyfriend of mine with the same name) is asking me all kinds of strange detailed questions, and trying to scribble down my answers with the stub of a #2 pencil. Scrunching up his face every time I answer as if I’m speaking Chinese. He then starts to ask me about how often he’ll be dealing with the external clients. “You won’t” I say, “we have another unit that does that – you’ll deal with people internally, help resolve issues and support the people who deal with the external clients.” Another scrunched up face. “Hmmm…” he says as he leans way back in his chair. “I don’t know…Let me ask you your opinion, considering you’re a Vice President and all….If I want to be CEO someday, I’ll probably need this kind of experience?” He waves his hand over the job description to illustrate what he means by “this kind”. “Uhh….yeeeaaah. I don’t think that’s the right reason to take the job” I say. Before I can say anything further, he jumps in with “In any case, you are going to want me to talk to your external customers”. “No,” I reiterate, “I already said, there is no reason for you to talk with them, there is another unit that does that”. “Well, I’ll tell you right now, as soon as they know I work here, they are going to call me directly. They won't bother talking to that unit.” Now it’s my turn to scrunch up my face. “Why would THAT be??” I ask. “Well because I have connections. They know me.” I blink slowly for 10 seconds. Then I laugh. I’ve never laughed in a candidates face before. “Joe, our company is about 10 times bigger than yours. I think we've got a few relationships ourselves”. I got up and told him to show himself out. Did I mention that he looked like an ex-boyfriend? Did I also mention that a recent hire from his company told me the reason he's looking for a job is because he got FIRED from that company? YOU LOSE. GOOD DAY SIR.


annmarie said...

Alright for quoting Mr. Willy Wonka at the end there! I think you should have some chocolate. It will make everything bad go away. Even over-confident dweebs that looks like Joe.

Dana said...

The ones that look like ex-boyfriends are always the worst ones. Thanks for the listing of my blog and also the comment you left! I've been following yours since pre-Seamonkey. It's just so neat to be able to see where other people in my shoes have been. Thanks for your insight and expertise! I love it!

MMrussianadoption said...

Two very interesting stories. I especially like the second one. Sorry you missed your train. I know I would have been cursing like a sailor.

Your son is adorable.

Bumble said...

Ha ha that was hilarious (the part about the job interview, not your disasterous trip home (poor you!)). What an ass that guy is! I hate job interviews, I'm so crap at them, but mostly because I'm a quivering leaf, not because my head is too big for my body like his!

Bezzie said...

Oh oof! Wrong train! What a nightmare! And I'm so excited---I can actually PICTURE what happened!

And Story #2--what.a.nutbar! There's half an hour (or longer!) of your life you'll never get back.

ruth said...

The world is full of strange people, how do people become that confident in their abilities that they lose sight of reality? I once boarded the wrong train and fell asleep. I was woken by the train guard as the train was pulling into the docking yard at the end of it's run. I was an hour from the nearest station where I could change lines and then another hour and a half from my destination. This in the days before cell phones...

Denise :o) said...

Okay, first story! That's sucks!!! So sorry you got home so freakin' late! AND don't get me started on pay phones!!!!

Story #2: LOL!!! That is too funny... oh to have the power! Must be nice sometimes.

Maggie said...

Story #2. What a doozie. I held an interview once where the candidate came in 45 minutes early. Early is good, but 45 minutes early is a bit rude. I went to speak when he first arrived and clarified the time of our appointment, he said he knew but he liked to be "prompt." I told him I couldn't speak right then because I had another meeting, but I would get to him as soon as possible. 1/2 hour later (still 15 minutes earlier than scheduled) I called him to my office for the interview. His first words "I think it's terribly unprofessional that you kept me waiting this long."

As you said... YOU LOSE. GOOD DAY SIR.

Lauren said...

First story sucks. I would hate to have to catch a train everyday.

Second story was funny-ish. I see the disillusionment all the time. And people don't understand that the internal customers are just as important as the external customers. Love the willy wonka line though.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you had to experience the first story.

i would have paid money to sit in on the second story. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Shelby said... just amazes me how some people can be so arrogant at an interview!

for the first story- at least you had your knitting- hopefully you made some good progress!

Andrea said...

The first story stressed me out- I'd be a freaking MESS if that happened. The second story made me laugh outloud. Sad thing is? I've interviewed that same guy. Okay, not literally, but his crazy twin trying to get a job in my industry. Ugh- where do these people come from??

We need more pictures of the cuteness, please :) And thanks for the offer to come paint the monkey :) I am glad she did it, too! Room wouldn't be the same without that little monkey!

Jenni said...

Story number 1 - that sucks!

Story number 2 - HA! I interviewed a woman like that to work as an admin in my department, and during the interview, she basically told me to be prepared because she would be taking my job. She said she would begin working for my boss, and pretty soon, I'd be working for someone in a lower position. I stared at her for a couple of seconds, and then I smiled. I told her, "Best of luck with that," and showed her the door. She did not make it back fro a second interview.

Aren't people amazing sometimes?