Monday, August 07, 2006

Cramming the Summer in

So first I want to apologize if my previous post was too obnoxious. I read it over and I thought that it sounded like I was calling people stupid for not knowing the difference between Colombia and Columbia. I didn't know the difference in the beginning either. I hope you knew I was just trying to be funny...although if anyone knows a frat boy looking for a home.... Oh and the stroller thing...I am not snobby and I will be grateful for any stroller we get. However, if you are just tuning in, my SIL is the cheapest of all cheapy cheaps and would never in a bazillion years pay any more than my husband's suggested $13 for a gift for anyone other than herself. Me, I think $169 is a little pricey for a stroller, hey, if you would like to go out and purchase one for me, knock yourself right out!

Still waiting around for the I171H. It's been 5 weeks since we were fingerprinted. I am hopeful that it will come this week. Is that stupid? There are ALOT of people making their way through immigration here in metro New York, I have no idea how long this is supposed to take. Like many of you, I just want that document binder OUT of my house!!!

This weekend was jam packed with summery fun. I didn't even mind the crazy heat too much. Except of course for the time spent on NYC subway platforms. Not fun. On Friday we went to the Counting Crows/Goo Goo Dolls concert at the Jones Beach Theatre. Best place to see a concert ever. Outside, right on the water (I'll update with a pic if blogger ever decides to cooperate ever again). My bro got us the tickets through a connection at work, so we weren't even sure where our seats would be. When we picked them up they said VIP on them (wow, cool!) so we went through the VIP gate where they sell food and beer and you can walk around near the water. We couldn't figure out where our seats were though. I go and ask the usher and he says, as he is pointing practically skyward...."Uh're in the luxury box up there". OH heh, I knew that! What do I look like? A COMMONER?? Of course! Begone with you! So although I had seen a million shows at this theatre, this was my first time in a luxury box. It was very cool and I was sorry I didn't bring my camera to show you. The box itself has a little kitchen area and our own bathroom (the best feature) and a big tv where you can watch the concert. There are sliding glass doors that lead out to the stadium seats. The seats themselves aren't that great because you are really high up, but you have a great view of the bay and the whole theatre, and it was air conditioned in the little room, so it was pretty cool. The concert itself was pretty good too. CC is my favorite band so I am never disappointed in anything they do.

Then yesterday DH and I went to do some much needed food shopping and decided to try a new store near where my cousin lived. I called her from the car to ask her exactly where it was and she told me not to go there because it was disgusting. I guess I couldn't argue with her because as I was on the phone with her, an employee passed me rolling something around in her mouth that was either a yellow tooth or a piece of corn (let's go with corn, shall we?). So on our way to a different store we decided to stop by her house to say hello. Well that was the end of that. Her husband convinced mine that what he really wanted to do on a beautiful summer Sunday was go clamming on his boat. While they did that, us girls hung out and had a great time playing with yarn, snacking and redecorating the living room. We stayed for dinner..guess what we had. The boys had brought back over 200 clams. We called some other cousins to join us and had a big feast. Don't you just love those spur of the moment things that turn into such great times?

We did end up going food shopping at 9:30 that night. Now I'm back at work. Blech. I leave you with a very cool meme that I stole from my new friend Hanazono. Feel free to play too.

I am.... strong willed.
I be a mom
I wish.... we were finished with the adoption process and had our child home.
I hate.... ignorance and stupidity
I miss.... my friend
I hear..... music. Always. Either from a radio or in my head.
I wonder.... who is responsible for baby distribution. I need to talk to them. Now.
I regret..... having wasted 3 years on IVF
I am not..... a wimp
I dance.... when the beat is really good. I can’t help it.
I sing.... like I can. I really can’t, but I don’t care too much about that.
I cry..... to heal.
I am not always..... obnoxious
I make..... things. All kinds of things. Mostly with yarn, sometimes with paint.
I write..... to communicate. It doesn’t come easy to me.
I confuse..... dates. Don’t ask me what day a week from Tuesday is, I can’t figure it out
I need..... a vacation!
I should..... lose weight
I start..... projects too late and then rush like crazy.
I finish.... most things that I start (shut up wiseguy husband, I do too).


wavybrains said...

I like your list. I confuse dates too :) Your knit blog seems to be down from the link on the right--what sorts of things do you do with yarn? What (if anything) have you made for the coming referral?

Starfish said...

Wavy - My knitblog is back up, sorry, technical difficulties. I am a knitter as you'll see, and I haven't made anything for the new baby..too superstitious. I actually do have a baby blanket I crocheted many years ago (pre TTC) which I still have and will have to dig out and show you all.

-Jenny said...

Hey!! Sounds soo fun. I too have seen many many concerts at Jones. Best place. the Best scenery. Sound is ok too.

I miss being near water. I really want to go to the beach for a weekend but man it is expensive.

Anyway, would love to see your knitting things.

kay/hanazono said...

Your meme was great! I hear music in my head all the time, too, but my husband totally doesn't. I'm so so sorry about the I-171H. Sounds like you had a really great weekend, though :)

Elle said...

I think we were about 5 weeks from fingerprints to 171. So maybe it will come soon. Of course we live on the other side of the country.

Love the meme! You should have tagged somebody.

Aimee said...

No, it's one of my pet peeves--ColOmbia not ColUmbia--made worse by the fact that there's a little town near us that's actually called ColUmbia... *sigh* But at least I'm not alone in trying to educate the world. :)

Amy Lane said...

Love the meme...will have to do one some day....

and my jealousy knows no bounds...GOO GOO DOLLS!!! By the water... I'm consumed with envy... I'm so glad you're such a lighthearted blogger and totally enjoyed the show...(I have a friend who could have sucked the joy out of the whole me, optimism is a gift.)