Friday, September 28, 2007

Funky Friday

This morning, as I am walking into my building to work, I encountered the biggest idiot on the face of this planet. To get into my building I have to go through a revolving door, which admittedly is always moving pretty quickly, especially in the morning when everyone is coming in. Getting through the door is usually uneventful. But this time, just as I get into my little one fourth section of the door, I hear shrieking in my left ear.

Apparently, a very young, very STUPID young woman who is apparently from a planet where there are no revolving doors, was unable to figure out how to safely navigate such a complex piece of machinery. I guess she misjudged the trajectory of her entry, and she almost got crushed as the door moved around. She and ended up smooshed up against me in my little section, scaring the crap out of me with the screaming. I had to do the Mr Tudball shuffle* through the door with this idiot on my back. Being the sympathetic and understanding sort that I am, I scream "WHAT ON EARTH WOULD POSSESS YOU TO DO THAT??". Sheesh. Meanwhile, she didn't even apologize or anything...when we got to the other side she practically ran into the little coffeeshop. I guess she was mortified. RIGHTFULLY SO.

So that should give you an indication of the kind of day this is. Can't wait to go home. Tomorrow we are doing a community yard sale - a bunch of houses in my neighborhood all do it the same day. It's always an interesting social experiment. I love to practically give away stuff to people who really like something, or really need something. I also really love tellling people to take a hike when they get all nasty because you won't give them a lead crystal vase for 25 cents.
Although most of my time tomorrow will probably be spent going through baby clothes right there on the front lawn...SM (seamonkey) has a closet full of clothes that don't really fit him anymore, and I am reluctant to face the fact that many things still have tags on them and were a complete waste of (mine and other's) money. I need to realize that he is at least in 12 mos size now, and it's probably a good idea to get rid of the 3-6 month sizes. Ya think? So I have his closet full, drawers, plus 3 huge plastic tubs of hand me downs from my cousin to go through. I need to pull out stuff to sell at the yardsale, stuff to sell on ebay, and stuff to give away to charity. Let me know if anyone is interested in little boy things - I would love to think that some of his things would be loved by other adopted kids.....

As for the etsy shop - I think we have a winner. Rachel came up with "Seafishes & Starmonkeys" and for some reason I can't get that out of my head. Something about how it tangles up me and the boy in a fun way. I have no idea what kind of logo/banner thing I will come up with, but it matches the whimsicalness (whimsicality?) of the items I make. And to clarify that point, most of my stuff will NOT be knitted related. I do alot of whimsical painted stuff...treasure boxes, pictures frames and things. I may throw some knitted stuff out there that I have never gifted out, but it won't be much. Sorry if I mislead you. But, once you see what kind of stuff there is, I am totally open to suggestions and will custom make anything you wish. Rachel, thankyou, and we will have to work out how you will be justly rewarded for your creativity.

If I can find a few freaking minutes of free time, maybe I can get everything finished, photographed and posted.

In the meantime, please check out these great links from adoptive moms:

Mama K Creations - Great tye dye baby stuff made by fellow blogger MamaK
The Family Gems - Beautiful bracelets - love the ones that say "believe"- by Sig
Connie at One More Ladybug is selling great International Adoption car decals - see her sidebar!

*50 points if you know this reference.


Samantha said...

Don't know the reference, but that's one hell of funny revolving door story!

I like the Seafishes & Starmonkeys.

Anonymous said...

I love Starfish and Seamonkeys! That's adorable!

And wow, the revolving door scene, what a tragic turn of events.


Rachael said...

Very cool that you love the name. I'm honored. Can't wait to see your store.

My sis Lori and I did a yard sale once. We were horrible at it. People asking for "discounts" on already REALLY CHEAP stuff just made us cranky. e.g. "Can you take 50 cents off the price of these shoes because there's a scratch on the heel?" " know this stuff is all USED, right? you're already getting an eighty dollar pair of shoes for 2 BUCKS!!" I guess the fact that we stayed up all night (really) the night before getting everything ready didn't help our attitudes. We were SO happy when it started raining and we had to close up and could go take naps.

Jenni said...

Ha! your story about the lady in the revolving door was just what I needed today. Too funny!

I like the name Seafishes & Starmonkeys. Well done Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Revolving door horror story? Who knew? You're right, that woman probably felt like the biggest idiot which is why she took off. I know I would have. LOL.

So glad you decided on a name for the etsy shop; I love it.

annmarie said...

I am floored by that Mr. Tudball reference. How on earth did THAT come to mind?

...and I did an internet search for it. My brain isn't that great.

mama k said...

Thanks for the linky love!!!

Just to clarify, I am not currently an adoptive mom, just a breeder who hopes to be an AP sometime in the distant future. :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh man - you know, revolving doors always make me nervous. I am sure I am going to be the fool who somehow gets stuck in between or who hits the next person in the *ss with the door.

I'd like to think I wouldn't scream...

I didn't realize who Mr.Tudball was but I was thinking of Tim Conway as that old, old fireman. It's a bit of a long story but my dog's last name is Ligons and we often call her Kira Ah-huh-wiggins after Mr.Tudball's secretary.

Thanks for the smiles!