Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I remember

I can't believe it's been six years. It seems like just yesterday.

People say that everyone's forgotten, that's it's "business as usual". To me, that's true and it isn't. I walk by ground zero at least 3 times a week. The fact that there is a gigantic hole where there used to be buildings is not something I can ever get used to. There is life there now...vendors and business people and tourists. And for that I am glad. They are the evidence that life IS going on, but I would rather that than empty cold dark concrete. Each time I walk by that place I think about how we have literally risen from the ashes. I feel a little like it is my responsibility to keep walking there, to show that we are still alive, still free.

If you didn't observe the moment of silence this morning, won't you do it now? Close your eyes and send a prayer of thanks, a prayer of healing, a prayer of hope.

God Bless America.

(My post last year described my 9/11 experience, if you are interested, read it here)


Lauri said...

I remember too....

Praying for healing & hope... praying for peace

Rachael said...

I almost forgot, until I logged onto my computer this morning and saw the date glaring at me. I glanced up at my clock and it was just after 9, right after this terror had all started.

Even though I was states away from New York, busy at work, like any other Tuesday, that day still plays in my head like a movie. Surreal, for sure. I think it will always be one of the days that I'll always remember exactly what I was doing that day.

jeneflower said...

Beautiful post. I walked with my son's 3rd grade class on a Freedom Walk on 9/11. The kids all held flags. Then they had a little ceremony with a moment of silence. Kids will be kids and many were playing around in the field. They don't remember. But I am glad they don't. Let them play and have a good day. But I am also glad they continue to do these things (Freedom parade) to teach the kids. I talked to one boy in the parade who was only learning about 9/11 for the first time. I was kind of sad to talk with him about it.

OHN said...

I remember the morning so vividly, watching Good Morning America in my home office then the stunning events that just kept happening. I visit NYC as often as I can (hubby is a police officer with many NYPD friends and we come for the memorial) and it is such a dynamic and wonderful city. I still just stare when I see photos of the towers and still can't believe they are not there.

(Tried to access the previous post but couldn't get in...I am sure your account is very moving).

Anonymous Boxer said...

I found my American Flag pin the other day. I wore it for a year before I took it off.

God Bless America. No kidding.

Nice post.

Miss Scarlett said...

I don't think anyone has really forgotten. You just get lulled by daily routines.

Thank you for the heartfelt post. Bowing my head again - 1 week later.