Friday, September 21, 2007

KAL anyone?

So I've been thrilled to see that we have some knitters out there in adoption/inferitlity bloggy land! As you may know, I do have a knitting blog, but I haven't posted there in quite some time - it's been a challenge to post with any semblance of regularity on this blog, so maintaining two is OUT. So guess what? I will be consolidating - and now you get to look at knitterly things in various stages of completion from now on. Doesn't that sounds fabulous?

Okay ready? Go!

This is what I'm working on now - A blue baby kimono sweater. It's a gift for a friend. Now I just need to seam it and do the neck band. I also need to make a girly baby sweater for a friend, I was going to do this in a feminine color, but perhaps I'll just crochet something...that goes quicker for me.
Now for the items that I haven't picked up since before we got seamonkey:

A wrap (basically a big rectangle) made from worsted wieght wool, using a lace pattern I found in a magazine which I can't locate right now. Perfect for fall, but I doubt I'll finish it - I'm like a third done with it.

Entrelac baby blanket. This is just too feminine for seamonkey. When I finish it I'll probably gift or sell it on etsy. It's 100% wool and super soft, once it's blocked I'm sure it will be gorgeous and snuggly.

Bell Sleeve Pullover for myself. Thick yarn with big needles, this should go fairly fast. This is one sleeve done - it's the first sweater I've ever attempted just for me.

I wish I could plow through these projects and be done with them. I am definitely a product knitter - I like finishing and having something to show for my efforts, as opposed to some who are process knitters; enjoying the journey as much as the end product. That's SO not me.

I'm not sure if I'm going to pick up any of these UFOs any time soon (unfinished objects for all you civilians). After the baby sweaters I want to make seamonkey a stripey winter hat and scarf. And I maybe want to knit something to send to our friends in Colombia. And then I was thinking that maybe we could do a KAL?

What's a KAL you ask? Why a Knit A Long of course!

Where we all pick a pattern, knit it at the same time, help each other along and (of course) post our progress on the blog. I had this crazy idea that maybe some of you who dabble in knitting would like to try something new and exciting....maybe even learn something new? Howz about lace? Or cables? I was thinking scarf to keep things fairly quick to knit. AND, if you don't have your heart set on giving your scarf to your great Aunt Tilly for Christmas, we could even tie this in to the whole adoption thing and participate in the Red Scarf Project!

What do you think??


Anonymous said...

Yay, we get to see your knitting here now. I love the kimono & that entrelac jacket is too cute!

Sorry you might not finish that wrap...the pattern is very pretty.

Well, I'm the last person to organize KALs or anything, but I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

Michelle Smiles said...

I am so jealous of your skill! Love it all!

Andrea said...

Boy, I wish I could do that! I used to "crochet" with my great grandmother-but it pretty much consisted of me making a chain, destroying it, and starting over.

Did you check out One Planet yarns yet? Yummy stuff over there!

Rob, Dana, Murphy & Billy said...

Oh, that wrap is gorgeous! I learned to knit about two years ago and I'm so slow! I catch myself putting the one needle in between my knees and knitting around it. Then I'll realize it and pick up the needle again. I started making a scarf in 2005 and it's about the size of a pot holder. So if you have any great tips, let me know!

Beagle said...

I'm game if I can avoid lace and / or color changes (stripes are OK).

Your UFOs are B-A-U-T-Full

Anonymous Boxer said...

Wow, you are talented!! Seriously talented.

Wendy said...

I'm game! I want to learn something new and this could be the perfect way. I'm a process knitter too. That's why I am churning out hats and scarves for charity. I love knitting without paying attention to what I am doing and still ending up with something to show for it.

Jenni said...

DUDE! I'm in. I know I'm responding kind of late, but I've been backed up on my blogs.

I'm thinking about attempting both lace and cables in the coming weeks (and still trying to finish Eamon's dang sweater), so either of those ones is fine with me.