Thursday, October 12, 2006

Come on Karma!

Just sitting here at work killing time before I head on over to the Mets game at Shea. GO METS! And please, don't leave me any whiny Yankee comments. You don't REALLY expect me to feel sorry for them, do you??

Anywhoo...holy cow I can NOT believe all the activity out here in adoption blog land! Referrals to left of me! Referrals to the right of me! lines down or something?? Although I am insanely jealous, I am also very ecstatic for all my bloggy friends who got THE CALL. Lauren, Jen, Michelle, Sig, and Melissa have the internets all afrenzy with their great news!! I read their posts with such excitement and can just imagine how they must feel. Particulary the posts of Rhonda and Bethee who are keeping us posted from halfway around the world. Then of course there's my friend Jen who is getting TWINS (don't freak girl, you can handle it)!! I stare at the pictures and try to imagine what they were feeling when the first got them. Makes me all a twitter I tell ya! But really, come on, where's the love?? Right Margaret? What's a girl got to do for some freaking good news??

So do does this mean that karma is on the upswing? Will my CALL come soon then? Or do I have to wait until fickle fate comes around again to grace us with her presence? *SIGH* I wish I knew.

In case you are interested, work still sucks. Some days are better than others, but what usually happens is that I come in all positive, convinced that I will NOT let shit get to me today, then inevitably some dumbass does something to really piss me off and I'm aggravated for the rest of the day. My boss, is a coward. There is nothing worse than I weak cowardly man, no matter how nice he is. And one thing that really sucks is that they have blocked alot of internet sites now...what a pain in the ass. I can't see pictures alot of the time, so I have to wait until I get home, and sometimes I forget which blogs I have to go back and read. I also can't get my gmail at work, so that's why it takes me some time to get back to some of you....

I am finding some release in creativity...I have several knitting projects in the works, and I started crafting seriously again. In fact, I may even start my own Etsy shop with some of my stuff. I paint whimsical images on things...boxes, frames, tshirts etc... and they have (what else) a beachy theme. I am thinking of doing some baby type things too, maybe even adoption stuff, as I know there is a shortage of such things out there. I'll let you know when I've got a decent amount of stuff finished. You guys can be my critics. My husband, who usually tells me I have no time for all this stuff, was recently impressed by my latest item (a gift for someone who sometimes reads here so no pic) and I have been bolstered by his support!

So what's some of your outlets for stress?


Margaret said...

I'm with you, girl. It's about time you and I got something official. Sometimes I feel like I've been doing this forever.

MAMB said...

I hope you get that call soon...I want to see that post here!
And I wish I was that creative!

Roxie said...

Outlets for stress - I try to avoid stress. I'm in a service job, and I just keep reminding myself that it's not about me. I'm there to help the customers, no matter how slow they are on the uptake. My boss doesn't pay me to surf the net or chat with my pals. I am paid to help the folks who need things explained, slowly, in little words. And if I can do it kindly, and with genuine care, the stress goes away. You are gonna have to have yards and miles of patience and tolerance with that baby. Start practicing!!

Starfish said...

Hmmm..interesting comment Roxie. Be assured I don't surf the net all day. However, as an executive here, I would hope that on the 15 mintues I manage to choke down my lunch, I could check a blog or two. My frustration comes from *trying* to provide good service despite the jerks who fight me at every turn. While caring for a baby is no easy task, as far as I'm concerned I already run a kindergarten... I'm glad you are able to avoid stress, I wish it were that easy for some of us.

Elle said...

Ok, I'd never heard of Etsy before. Way to go chick. Now I'm hooked!

Sorry work sucks. CS has the same issues with blocked sites and a restriced computer. He hates it.

Amy Lane said...

I KNOW the frustration of dealing with prickweenies I wouldn't trust with gum or boogers... I swear, that's why I write during work...the little bastards don't shut up? Screw 'em...I'm going to take a mini-vacation while they're working on grammar which I assigned out of spite. (Not true, actually--if I could avoid it I would, but it makes me feel better that they hate it sometimes.) Anyway, like I said, I'm the last person to advise you on prickweenies--I'm the poster child for what NOT to do...I'd probably be saying sarcastic things right now that would piss them off and increase my chances for promotion from .5 to .25 of a tenth of a percent. (See--toldya I couldn't do math!) Anyway--knit away...and buck up...I once accidentally breached my school firewall by looking for Erma Bombeck--she did an article on how all great men looked like shriveled frogs in the jacuzzi, and it was adopted by a (get this!) Christians for non-monogamous lifestyles and nudity site. Almost singed my eyebrow hair off, and you've probably guessed I'm not squeamish... maybe you'll have the same sort of luck.

steph said...

I relax by reading other people's blogs and leaving my 2 cents. Sometimes 3.
And I deal with the DUMBEST people out there. Working for CPS, I have to work with parents who use drugs, molest children, hit childred, have mental health issues, and refuse to address any of the above issues. Oh, and keep having more and more babies.
I also get the joy of their attorneys, the Judges, service providers, the relatives, and their friends.
Sooooo, I can't really relate to the no-nutted man, but boy can I relate to starting with a good attitude and leaving wondering what the hell is happening~
And did I mention I love my job most days?!? Who's the wacko now?

Beagle said...

My stress outlets:

Running away from home
(to the beach)

Making pottery


Guided meditation tapes

I hope you get that call soon!

-Jenny said...

How was the game? I bet you enjoyed it!

I think it is coming soon. I could be totally wrong but I just feel it.

I am sorry about work. Man work can just ruin your day huh! Well, it is Friday and you have the weekend and I hope you have a great one!


Roxie said...

My apologies. I commented without sufficient knowledge and now I look like one of the above-mentioned prickweenies. Running a kindergarten for CPS kids has got to be one of the higer-stress things in the world. In your shoes, I would be wanting to bring a gun to work in order to simplify the custodial issues.

Honest to gosh, closing your eyes and slowly counting to ten does help. If there is an image that comforts you and brings you peace, then visualize it. Otherwise, big breath in, big sigh out, and think of still white peace. Repeat. If you do this in front of the aggrevating jerk that is pulling all your chains, it powerfully unsettles them.

Again, I humbly apologize for coming off so righteous. I am, so often, a fool.

Starfish said...

Oh no offense taken, but the Steph who works for CPS isn't me (my comment is higher up). You'd have to do more than that for me to dem you a prickweenie!

Ruth said...

I knit like a woman obsessed when I'm stressed.

I also have learnt to take a step back and say, it's only a job and is not a reflection of who I am, and, since I was a child, I have always visualised the life that I wanted and created stories in my head about happy places.

That makes me sound really sappy and flakey doesn't it.

btw - I also use my lunch break to surf the internet and post on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Do what makes you happy! Craft away lady!
I too love creative ventures. I recently got involved in helping w/ a relative's shower. I love planning parties and making gift baskets and all that nifty stuff. Oh and knit and crochet too, but you already knew that. : )

Hope you get your good news SOON!

jeneflower said...

Don't put me on the good news wagon just yet. Until I actually get the call for court I don't trust any rumors. Even if they are educated guesses. I have been waiting too long to trust anything? See how cynical I have become? Don't be like me. I hope your referral comes soon!

Sig said...

I remember when I felt like this and thought I would *never* get that call. Your turn is coming, it really is!! Of course it would be nice if it came TODAY.....