Friday, October 20, 2006

Thanks & Other Ramblings

Dear Secret Bloggy Pal: THANK YOU!!

I came home Wednesday night after the funeral to change my clothes and head back out to my aunt's for dinner. Imagine my surprise when I found a package on my doorstep:

Beautiful miniature roses! I love them. Thank you pal, whoever you are. It really made my day. It was very nice of you to think of me. I really appreciate it, what a nice thing to do. I can't wait to find out who you are!

There is really nothing else (nothing could top those roses!), so you get some bits of randomness:

I loved some of your "believe it or not" comments on my last post. Steph, you take the cake. Freaky. I had a very vivid dream about an ex-boyfriend once...I remember he was wearing a white t-shirt and he was hugging me and saying goodbye. He looked trim and fit and in good health. At the time I had the dream I hadn't seen him in many years. We broke up because he was into drugs and I couldn't get him to stop. I have a feeling that dream meant he passed away, but I have always been too scared to look him up to find out.

I happen to have that show Trading Spouses on, and I love it when I catch this show. It is endlessly fascinating to watch two completely different families learn things about themselves. Right now it's a down-home country girl from Kentucky trading places with an Orthodox Jew from Boston. They look so unbelievably uncomfortable, but what did they think, they'd trade places with people just like them? You just know this poor southern woman is going to mess up their Kosher kitchen, yikes. Oh no, they have the Jewish woman going 'coon huntin'. Okay, maybe it's time to change the channel.

Speaking of television, anyone keeping up with The Office, like me? Were you totally taken off guard by the last minute phone call or what?? How does that simple little show manage to keep things so interesting?? And where is that other girl from? You know, the one who THINKS she's gonna get some of that Jim love....back away from the new guy honey.

Okay one last TV thing. Is it me or is "Men in Trees" actually re-runs of "Northern Exposure" with different actors? Hello?? Radio station, pilot, single men...methinks I've seen all this before...

Okay one more last thing. Project Runway. Travesty. It's all I'm sayin'

Work still sucks. Actually, it's been a little better, but don't say that out loud...if you do that will guarantee it will be a real suckfest of a day on Monday, and people, I can't take much more. Okay, enough about that.

No news on adoption. But I think the call is going to come any day now. I can feeeel it. Don't know why I think that though. Probably just wishful thinking. Maybe if I will it, it will be so.

Today I browsed some infertility blogs. I haven't done that in a while. It seems that while everything in adoption blogland is on the upswing, infertility blogs are on the downswing. Some very nice people are going through some really crappy crap. Before you go to bed tonight, say a little prayer for those who are still fighting the fight. Many of us have been there and it is no fun.

Okay, let's end on a happy note. My husband called me at work today to tell me he won tickets to see Elton John. How cool is that. I think I'm going to take my mom for her birthday. Unless of course, I'm in COLOMBIA. I've never wanted to miss a concert more in my life.

Have a great weekend people!


Leggy said...

You don't read many IF blogs? Well then, I'm honored that you read mine, since I'm an "I don't quite know what" kind of blogger.

Anonymous said...

Ya, the suspense is killing me on the office! Why don't pam and jim just hook up!

Argh....what an hilarious show!

Jenny and Matt said...

I LOVE The Office. I was thinking after last night's show about what makes it so engaging. I mean, of course, it's also hilarious, but I think seeing all the awkward moments, little smiles and confused looks on the faces of the characters makes us feel like we really know them. Or almost like they confide in us (through the camera) so we are even more invested in their lives.
What a good show.
I hope you get your call soon!

Denise :o) said...

Can't say I've ever watched the Office, but I'm going to have to check it out now! I think you're going to get your call soon too!!!! AND ELTON JOHN???? How awesome is that??? But like you said I'd pass that up any day of the week if it meant going to see my children!! :o))

Elle said...

In your honor I watched the last 10 minutes of the office this week. I saw the call. Can't say I know anything of what it was about, but as I was watching it I said to CS, Steph would be so proud of me!

I did a check on the IF blogs this week too. Really really crappy stuff happening. Sending my thoughts to the sistahs too.

Ruth said...

Elton John!! Way cool, of course if you had to miss it that would be even cooler.vbg

Anonymous said...

Of course I've been watching. They soooo need to bring jim back to Scranton!

Hope you miss that concert. : )

Roxie said...

What a sweet kiss from the universe - to find anonymous roses waiting when you get home. Blessings on you and your bloggy pal!

del said...

What beautiful flowers!

And yes, I'm keeping up with The I the only one who doesn't want Jim & Pam to hook up, at least not right now?? That would ruin it so early on. On the very last episode, then they can hook up, LOL. And I agree, the woman (what's her name?) at the new office needs to back away slowly.

jeneflower said...

Oh I hope you miss the concert!

What a cool surprise from your blog pal!

Oh yes- and you did inspire me to rent the Office seasons on Netflix. I don't know when I will have the time to watch them, but I will find a way.

Debbie said...

Praying for that call to come very quickly for you.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of the that Trading Spouses - it looked like a massive train wreck! I was mortified by all of it!

The roses are beautiful - and also praying that the call comes soon. They say when we ask god for patience -he sends us long lines.


MMrussianadoption said...

He puts on a great concert. have fun

Amy Lane said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you... and I really hope work gets better...I'm hating my work life right now so I"m soooo with you....

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh. I am liking the new girl. I don't want to like her, but I still do.
I am growing conflicted! I didn't expect that at all.
She is oddly familiar isn't she? I checked at the site but they don't list any of the new people in the cast yet.
Elton John, sounds like a good show. Not nearly as good as Colombia though.
I have a dear friend whose dear friend adopted a boy and later a girl from Colombia. They are a beautiful family.
I haven't watched Men In Trees but from the ads I thought it was a poorly disguised and poorly casted ripoff myself.

I am so glad you posted at my sight - I subscribed to this feed - somehow I only had your other blog saved!